New PD-Team Staff-Member: Welcome Jana!

Jana Pareigis will mainly work on the Zimbabwe project with us. Jana has just finished the traineeship programm with Deutsche Welle and she brings sound experience in journalism and in the region. Welcome on board! Check what her colleague Nina Funke-Kaiser wrotes about Jana:

If there was one question in the selection procedure for the Deutsche Welle traineeship that Jana Pareigis could answer in her sleep, it was this: who is the head of state of Zimbabwe? After all, the 27-year-old lived there herself for a year and a half.

Although born and bred in Hamburg, she has traveled the length and breadth of Zimbabwe and also spent six months in London. After graduating from high school, she started work in a development aid center in Harare.

After that she did a practical placement with a foundation and wrote articles for a newspaper. On her return to Germany, Jana started studying political science and Africa studies in Hamburg. But it wasn’t long before Jana felt the urge to seek out the focal point of African diaspora studies, and she set off to spend a year in New York, where she also completed a practical placement in the Peacekeeping Department of the UN. Back in Germany again, Jana got a job at the TV broadcaster N24 in Berlin as an assistant to the editor-in-chief. She spent three years experiencing the excitement of a parliamentary news department, completed her degrees and found a practical placement at Reuters.

Jana has great appreciation for Deutsche Welle’s international orientation and diversity of topics, as well as the work the DW AKADEMIE does abroad. Already a trained coach in antidiscrimination, intercultural communication and diversity management, perhaps she too will one day teach young journalists in Zimbabwe about the importance of media freedom.


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